It’s a Family Thing

About Birchwood - It's a family thing

“When my grandfather, Frank Vignieri, borrowed $35 from my grandmother’s cookie jar to start a meat packing company in 1936, he couldn’t have imagined what that investment would turn into.”

Dennis Vignieri, President/CEO


Our customer-centered approach to business has established long-standing relationships in foodservice and retail industries.


We maintain an exceptional product safety track record while providing a supportive and safe working environment.


This is reflected in the highest quality products and the best possible service to our clients.


We are committed to upholding professional ethics, integrity and honesty in every facet of operation.


We are continually investing in new product development and process improvements.


We provide every customer with customized solutions to their unique and evolving challenges.

“Birchwood has always been the preferred product when any competitive cuttings have been completed. We feel this is because we have worked together for a number of years and they have really dialed in the performance of the product. We feel competitors cannot meet the necessary product attributes in one or two cuttings.”

– Birchwood Foods Customer

“Birchwood is a reliable supplier to our system. Very responsive and easy to work with. A very important product in our system, we don’t have to worry about Birchwood to handle our needs.”

– Birchwood Foods Customer

“Birchwood has always been competitive in pricing. Birchwood has the ability to ship the minimum quantities where other suppliers do not. This is why Birchwood continues to be sole supplier.”

– Birchwood Foods Customer

“Birchwood Foods provides outstanding product knowledge and industry experience to them.”

– Birchwood Foods Customer

We Take Stress Off Your Plate

At Birchwood Foods, food safety is our number one priority. We strive to produce food products not only for your family, but ours, too. Each of our plants is GFSI certified under the BRC auditing scheme, undergoes regular audits and inspections by our customers and receives the highest scores available. Within our process we have numerous controls to ensure accurate and consistent products are produced. This begins by selecting supplier partners who share our dedication and commitment to food safety and quality. We believe in full transparency, with a primary goal to produce safe, high-quality food for you and your customers.

See it in action

Delivery You Can Depend On

To ensure product quality and availability, we assign a customer service representative to every account and have four processing plants linked to a national distribution network.

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